Directed by: Therese Shechter

Social Hour: 7pm

Screening 8pm


"If sex sells, why is virginity so valuable?" This eye-opening and irreverent documentary explores why female virginity is still so valued in our hyper-sexualized society. Traveling through the worlds of religion, history, pop culture and $30 internet hymens, the film reveals the myths and misogyny behind a rite of passage that everyone thinks about but few truly understand. From Therese Shechter, the director of “I Was a Teenage Feminist." (2013, 67 min., video)

Dyke Delicious at Chicago Filmmakers • 2016
Season 13
Second Saturday monthly film and video screenings for lesbians and their friends every January through June
Presented by Chicago Filmmakers and Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival;
and Co-Sponsored by Black Cat Productions
Curated by Sharon Zurek

Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N. Clark St.
60640 Chicago , IL