Directed by: Robin Deacon

Co-presented with Museum of Contemporary Art


SPECTACLE: A PORTRAIT OF STUART SHERMAN, is a film by British artist Robin Deacon. The late US artist Stuart Sherman (1945–2001) was a strange and underexposed figure in the history of performance art and experimental film. Using interviews with friends and colleagues, and original and re-enacted footage of Sherman’s performances, this film explores the life, death, disappearance and rediscovery of this unique artist. Described by one writer as "the Buster Keaton of linguistics," Sherman’s art defied neat categories and simple explanation. The same could be said of Sherman himself, who as a person was a notoriously secretive individual. From this perspective, Deacon's film asks viewers to question their understanding of how a life story can be told relative to the private nature of its subject. 




Photograph by John Matturri reproduced by permission of the Estate of Stuart Sherman.

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