Meetups / Events

Chicago Filmmakers hosts popular networking events called Filmmaker Meetups every other month at our location.

Meetups are designed to provide a low-pressure environment for people to meet, collaborate, and find resources to make creative film and video work. The event runs between 2 - 3 hours, and combines a structured networking format with a project case study. The first hour consists of one-on-one, 5-minute interviews (like speed dating), and the second hour features a guest speaker, usually a filmmaker with a new project in some form of distribution. Afterwards, people are able to talk to the guest speaker individually, and follow up with people they met earlier.

Filmmakers who attend Filmmaker Meetups come from a mix of backgrounds and skill levels. Many are just starting out, others have made multiple films. Some come to find projects to work on, while others come with a project in mind and are looking for crew and key personnel. Since these are mostly independent, low-budget films, people are hired for low or no pay, and terms are worked out individually. Chicago Filmmakers has no affiliation with any of the filmmakers or their projects. Meetup attendees often include producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, composers, actors, make-up artists, and screenwriters.

The next Filmmaker Meetup scheduled is posted on the homepage of our website.