Tracing Dick Tracy

Project Status: 
In Progress

This film will explore the distinctive artwork of Chester Gould as seen through the eyes of conventional and underground cartoon/comic artists, including interviews with Dick Locher (Dick Tracy), Max Allan Collins (Dick Tracy), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Russell Myers (Broomhilda), Art Spiegelman (Maus), Robert Crumb (Zap comix), Jay Lynch (Bijou comix), Bill Griffith (Zippy the Clown) will detail how Gould¹s endless procession of bizarre characters, cliff hanger storylines, the use of bold lettering and high contrast to direct the attention of the reader made a deep impression in their work.

Our first film, "Chester Gould: An American Original" highlighted Chester Gould¹s life - was a biographical film.  Tracing Dick Tracy will showcase his art and its influence on multiple generations of artists and visionaries of the 20th century.