Pools of Light

Project Status: 

Awards Include: Winner of the 2010 Silver Telly Award, 2010 Gold Communicator Award, and 2010 Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

In the early morning hours, an indelible image can be seen all across Angola: children huddled under the warm glow cast by street lamps in parking lots and along roadways. Lacking reliable power at home, Angolan students gather under these pools of light at all hours of the night to complete their homework assignments and study for class the following day.

The documentary Pools of Light will use the powerful image of these students seeking out any and all opportunities to further their education as a launching point to tell the story of a nation that, after four centuries of Portuguese rule and 27 years of civil war, finally has a chance to define it’s own destiny: one that seeks to reconcile a turbulent past with an uncertain but hopeful future. But this future greatly depends on the establishment of a middle class. A sustainable middle class in any country can only be created first through stability and peace, and then through higher education. Pools of Light will show how Angola - a country once defined by others - now seeks a new path forward through peace and education.

Producer/Director: Nicolas DeGrazia