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A photographer and script supervisor in the film industry, Kim began to experience increasing difficulty with her memory, her emotional stability, her balance and coordination, all of which adversely affected her ability to work and maintain personal relationships. After visits with numerous neurologists and several months of medical testing, Kim had her diagnosis - Huntington’s disease – an incurable degenerative neurological disorder that is both mentally and physically devastating.

Every year, there are fewer and fewer small-town diners in rural America. Yet there is an untapped reservoir of stories in those that remain. Many of these stories go unnoticed, because they are the stories of factory workers, carpenters, cooks and cleaners. Their stories are treated as no more than a report of daily life. But the daily life of such people is the daily life of America, and together their stories form America's story.

Awards include:

Official Selection at the Athena Film Festival 2013
Official Selection at the St. Louis International Film Festival

10 weeks after their premiere screening at Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, they have been to 40 cities and currently have bookings in dozens more.

Charlie is seventy-five and has just lost his wife of forty years. Alone, anxiety-filled, he has isolated himself in his home. Even his children and grandchildren cannot seem to bring him back to his old self. A sudden heart issue causes Charlie to find some time to relax. Remembering his wife’s interest in reading, Charlie goes to the library where he finds a reading group that reads the great books.

Jens Jensen’s message of conservation is as fresh today as it was a century ago. Yet he is barely known out of landscape architecture circles.

Jensen became the most popular landscape architect in America next to Frederick Law Olmstead, designing hundreds of landscapes for public parks, schools, public housing, roads and finally his own utopian school, The Clearing.

Awards Include: Winner of the 2010 Silver Telly Award, 2010 Gold Communicator Award, and 2010 Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

In the early morning hours, an indelible image can be seen all across Angola: children huddled under the warm glow cast by street lamps in parking lots and along roadways. Lacking reliable power at home, Angolan students gather under these pools of light at all hours of the night to complete their homework assignments and study for class the following day.

Self-Deportation tells the story of an Asian American woman in Chicago who is accosted one evening by a group of subway passengers. They sneer and snap at her, demanding that she “go back to where you came from.” The woman, effectively banished from the community, embarks on a farewell tour of "Real America." This fantastical journey takes her through a series of dreamlike environments where she bids farewell to various American archetypes: a fast-talking politician, an All-American quarterback, a middle-class family, etc.

In the history of aviation, there have been 14 large-scale, commercial plane crashes with a sole survivor. Like most survivors of trauma, the sole survivor’s experience is often misunderstood. SOLE SURVIVOR is a feature-length documentary that follows the journey of George Lamson who, at 17 years old, survived the 1985 crash of Galaxy Airlines Flight 203 which killed 73 people in Reno, Nevada. Twenty-five years after the crash, George still struggles with the purpose of his own life and agonizes over whether or not he was spared for a reason.

Spilled Water is May May Tchao’s personal investigation to examine how the unprecedented transformation of China’s economy is also transforming its women, and vice versa. In particular, it shines a light on the lives of the rural women seldom portrayed in western media.

Awards & Honors: Winner of Official Selection at the 2012 Black Harvest Film Festival. Roger Ebert gave the movie 3 stars. The May 22 screening was part of the annual benefit of the Zonta Club of Evanston, a worldwide organization of executives in business and the professions working together to advance the status of women. Funds raised will be used to benefit local women centered organizations.

Young Vision Award // 2011 United Nations Association Film Festival
Jury Award for Feature Documentary // Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

Best Documentary // Reel Rasquache Art and Film Festival

Poor little rich girl, Gwen McNeil (Elizabeth Schwarzrock) is twenty-two, addicted to cocaine, and just out of her third stint in rehab. When she relapses yet again, her fed-up, hardhearted father, Eddie (Thomas Anthony Quinn) casts her out onto the harsh streets of Chicago, where she must live or die on her own. But while Gwen struggles to find food, shelter, and cocaine, Eddie wrestles with his awakening conscience, even shocking his own employees by extending leniency and compassion to a delinquent tenant in one of his low-rent, south-side apartments.

Official Selection: San Francisco Black Film Festival; Bronze Lens Film Festival; San Diego Black Film Festival; Gene Siskel Film Center; Big Muddy Film Festival

Woke Up Black focuses on five black youth, along with their struggles and triumphs as they start their journey into adulthood. The film places at its center the voices of Black youth - their ideas, attitudes and opinions that are often overlooked in today’s society.