Financial Aid


Chicago Filmmakers is committed to ensuring that all students are afforded the opportunity to pursue an education in filmmaking and the digital arts and encourages all students and families to apply for financial aid as needed.
Chicago Filmmakers provides financial aid to both adults and youth for classes, based on financial need and available space in the preferred class. Financial aid is intended for those who could not otherwise afford to enroll in a class. Applicants must show valid proof of family income, which must include income of parents, guardians or any other adults, in the applicant's residence. Financial aid is based on number of dependents and annual household income.
Financial aid ranges from 25% to 100% of the class cost. 
Financial aid is available for only one class session at a time (e.g. an 8-week class). If the financial aid is not used for the session for it is awarded, the applicant may be required to re-apply in order to be eligible for a different session. Successful completion of a class is required prior to submitting an application for renewed financial aid for another class. Poor attendance will disqualify a student from financial aid for future classes.
Once a family becomes qualified for financial aid, each member of the family is qualified for aid. Because the funds for financial aid that Chicago Filmmakers has to distribute between all of its students is limited, Chicago Filmmakers regrets that it can only provide financial aid to one member of each family to attend one class at any one time and that Chicago Filmmakers cannot allow financial aid to be transferred from one student to another. If there are still funds available after all families who have applied for financial aid have received financial aid, then Chicago Filmmakers would consider awarding aid to an additional family member or members of a family already receiving aid.
To be considered for financial aid, please fill out a FINANCIAL AID application form. Financial aid applications can be obtained in person at Chicago Filmmakers office or via email by contacting Jackie Robbins at Applications should be returned to Chicago Filmmakers by mail or in person with a copy of the first page of the applicant's most recent 1040 tax return. (Note: While all information provided to Chicago Filmmakers is confidential, in accordance with Chicago Filmmakers' privacy policy found at and will be used only to process your application, please feel free to redact your social security number of date of birth should you with not to share them with Chicago Filmmakers.) If you do not have a 1040 form, please contact Brenda Webb at (773) 293-1447. Please do not email forms. 
Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the start date of the preferred class. Attendance in your preferred class cannot be guaranteed in the event the class is already filled. If a class fills, you will be placed on the wait list for the next available session of the same class.
If approved for financial aid, registration for the class will be conducted by phone or in person at Chicago Filmmakers.
Brenda Webb, Executive Director
Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Ave.
Chicago IL 60660