FILM 5.0 Workshop (Saturday, June 9th)

FILM 5.0 Workshop (Saturday, June 9th)

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This workshop meets for eight hours over the course of one day.

Intended for beginners to filmmaking and the industry, this one-day intensive, interactive seminar is like no other. It’s taught by seasoned professionals who have worked on everything from major motion pictures and TV shows to indie films and documentaries. In a single information-packed day, participants will discover how it’s really done in Hollywood—and how they can fit into this crazy, creative business.

Providing real-world, nuts-and-bolts information on all aspects of the filmmaking process, the seminar will dispel myths and provide a grounding in the realities of working on productions of all scales.

Steve Hiller and Linda Gacskó have decades of credits in film and TV. They understand Hollywood from the inside, and now they’ve designed this seminar showing how to get ready—and fast—for the production environment in the studio and on location.

Participants will also hear from working actors, successful producers, casting directors, and others to help show the big picture. It's the high-energy lowdown on Hollywood!

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  • Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 9:00am