Rights Lab



Surveillance. Civil liberties. Protests. Arrests. From the rise of the Occupy movement to the outrage over the National Security Agency’s data collection, these words have become familiar to anyone who scans news headlines. But if you take a step behind the scenes, a complex interplay of social power and ever-changing legal precedents are the real drivers behind who is allowed to march and who can be surveilled and how.

Rights Lab is a cross-genre web series that dissects the most pressing civil liberties questions of our day while bringing viewers straight into the action through on-screen experiments. By using real-life case studies, featuring local activists and offering clear and compelling explanations of ongoing legal debates, our series will illuminate the legal and social dynamics behind Stingray surveillance, when and how it is legal to film a police officer, the burgeoning debate behind consumer drone flight, what you legally can and can’t do on social media, and much more.