2019 Grantees

Silence of Clarity by Amir George
Silence of Clarity is a short experimental film about the anxieties of people who live with stutters and the use of alternative techniques to embrace their impediment.

Born and Raised by Christian Mejia
Born and Raised is a web series exploring gentrification from multiple perspectives in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Using a revolving cast, the series represents a range of complex experiences with neighborhood change. 
The Good of Chicago: Humboldt Park by Elsa Cristina Concepcion and Denise Zaccardi (Community TV Network)
The Good of Chicago is a documentary web series about Puerto Rican politics in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. The pilot will focus on the joy that the Puerto Rican People's Parade brings to the neighborhood. 
Fear Not by Emily Railsback 
Fear Not is a narrative short film that follows a pacifist elementary school teacher who has an awakening while being trained to carry a weapon in school. 
La Mitad Del Mundo by Erika Valenciana
La Mitad del Mundo is a web based transmedia project consisting of short documentary live action and animated videos illustrating human trafficking, including the stories of young survivors. The videos have accompanying study guides and curriculum modules for additional learning.
The Reformers by Ines Sommer 
Winning the election was the first step – what happens when you try to change City Hall from within? The Reformers follows newly minted Alderwoman Maria Hadden in her first year in office, with each webisode focusing on a different issue that’s impacting Chicago residents.
Protecting the Homelands by Mitchell Wenkus
Protecting the Homelands is a documentary web series about a Northern Cheyenne community working to halt coal mine development on their ancestral homelands and galvanizing to build solar power installations. 
Regrowth by Resita Cox
This documentary short film follows the reopening of a once thriving catfish restaurant as a vehicle to examine the intertwining of food and resilience. It shows community members taking on rebuilding despite looming gentrification and five decades of disinvestment in a predominantly Black neighborhood on the West Side.