2017 Grantees

Menace by Flavia Borges, Sarah Alo’ and Devon Carson
Menace is a rebellious dark comedy designed to stir the social constructs surrounding women. This new digital series introduces a world in the near future when femicide forces three women to seek safety in a small apartment. A provocative short-format narrative created by, about and for women.

America in Transition by Andre Perez
America in Transition is a documentary web series that takes a real look at social change from the perspective of trans people in marginalized communities. Join this journey across the country to document real life for a two-spirit educator, a veteran turned activist, an HIV+ woman, and more.

Snugglr by Georgia Bernstein
Snugglr is an improvised web series following a young Turkish girl who works for a cuddling app providing on demand intimacy for lonely Chicagoans.

The T by Bea Cordelia & Daniel Kyri
The T composes an everyday portrait of a diverse young group of queer & trans people living in Chicago. It follows three best friends: Jo, a white trans woman from the North Side; Carter, a queer Black college student from the South Side; & Emerie, a Latina trans woman from the suburbs.

Another Life by Tiffany Walden and Morgan Johnson
Another Life In this docu-poetry series, Black millennials of Chicago share the challenges and triumphs of their therapeutic journeys toward healing in the aftermath of gun violence.

The Girl Deep Down Below by Ali Abbas
The Girl Deep Down Below follows a group of Chicago Muslim girls searching for the missing members of their community and facing off against a supernatural threat with an almost human prejudice. The horrors of being brown and young in America are made corporeal in this seven-episode web series.

Blood Myth by Doris C. Rusch
Blood Myth is a 2D platformer game based on medical information and life stories of people with sickle cell anemia that aims to raise awareness for this genetic disease, fight stigma, send a message of hope, and teach self-care methods to pre-teens and teens avoid pain crisis.

The Skatepark Concrete Dreams by Nick Nummerdor
The Skatepark Concrete Dreams is a 3-part documentary series that follows suburban mother Paulina Jimenez, who dreams of funding a free public skatepark in her hometown Villa Park IL. The series follows the project’s struggles and triumphs over several years from concept to its impact on the community.

Bitter Melons by Thavary Krouch
Why do we eat? What do we chew on? Bitter Melons is a story about a young chef working as a line cook who has to decide if she's willing to face her past in order to succeed in her NOW. Find out what happens when she does. Food can do more than fill our bellies, it can feed our souls.