Dancing & Drowning - Animations

Directed by: Kate Raney & Jeremy Bessoff

Hokin Hall, Columbia College Chicago
623 S Wabash Ave.
60605 Chicago , IL


Former Chicagoans Kate Raney & Jeremy Bessoff return to town to show a selection of past work and current work from their new home in Athens, OH. Raney’s work adroitly mixes animation with live action and found footage to explore performance, gender, and celebrity. Bessoff works with meticulous stop-motion animation that conveys intense emotion and grace. Recycling old footage of Golden-Age Hollywood starlets, Raney’s I Love/Hate You is a visual exploration of the space between emotional extremes, and using a borrowed scene from Agens Varda’s Cleo From 5 to 7, she captures a unique relationship between director, actress, and the mediation of gender performance. Bessoff’s Red Rider’s Lament uses the kiddie aesthetics of cut-outs and plastic toys to negotiate Old West masculinity, and with Another Song About the Sea he recreates the spectacle of deep-sea exploration with astounding emotional impact. 

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