2013 Festival Schedule


Thursday, September 5 – 8:15pm // Gene Siskel Film Center
Opening Night Program

A diverse group of films about art, performance, cinema, abstraction, and movement.

Features a stunning new film by collage animator Lawrence Jordan, a new film from British filmmaker Ben Rivers (whose feature Two Years at Sea was recently released by Cinema Guild), a beautiful and haunting film about film in 35mm from India, and Phil Solomon’s alchemical reworking of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton footage.


Solar Sight III (2013, US, 16 min, 16mm) Lawrence Jordan
Phantoms of a Libertine (2012, UK, 10 min, 16mm) Ben Rivers (pictured)
I Am Micro (2012, India, 14 min, 35mm) Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel
Silver/Gold: Portrait of Evan Parker (2010, UK, 9 min, Digital) Neil Henderson
The Emblazoned Apparitions (2013, US, 5 min, Digital) Phil Solomon
Musical Insects (2013, US, 6 min, Digital) Deborah Stratman
Verses (2012, US, 4 min, 35mm) James Sansing
Blanket Statement 2: It’s All or Nothing (2013, US, 5 min, 16mm) Jodie Mack
Time Present (2013, US, 17 min, Digital) Alfred Guzzetti; sound by Kurt Stallmann
By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging (2012, US, 8 min, HDCam) David Gatten
(94 min total)


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Friday, September 6 – 7pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago

Portraits, Queerly
These three experimental documentary portraits focus on the intersection of art and queer identity.

A program of three experimental documentaries about art, artists, creativity, and queer identity, including Mariah Garnett’s encounter with famed 1970’s gay porn icon Peter Berlin, Mike Hoolboom’s autobiographical portrait, and Matt Wolf’s (director of the feature documentary Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell and the highly anticipated upcoming Teenage) look at artist, cartoonist, and author Joe Brainard.


Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin (2012, US, 14 min, 16mm on Digital) Mariah Garnett (pictured)
Buffalo Death Mask (2013, Canada, 23 min, Digital) Mike Hoolboom
I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard (2012, US, 25 min, Digital) Matt Wolf
(62 min total)

Friday, September 6 – 8:45pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago
Talk about the Passion (Salvation Imminent)
A program of narrative and near-narrative experimental works that explore themes of loneliness, isolation, expectation, stasis, change, and quiet contentment.

Girls Love Horses (2013, US, 13 min, Digital) Jennifer Reeder (pictured)
Healing (2012, US, 12 min, Digital) Stephanie Barber
Real Estate (2012, France, 11 min, Digital) Neil Beloufa
How to Quit Smoking at the Moon Hotel (2013, US, 6 min, Digital) Jessie Stead
In Reps of Long-Play (2013, US, 6 min, Digital) Olivia Ciummo
Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow (2012, US, 12 min, 16mm) Malic Amalya
Une Terre Familière (2012, US, 19 min, Digital) Mariana Milhorat
Pittsburgh 8/5/68 (2013, US, 3 min, Digital) Ted Kennedy
(82 min total)

Saturday, September 7 – 1:00pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago
Wandering, Pausing
Landscape, lyricism, familiar sites, strange lands, and the finding of hidden details.

Watercolor (Fall Creek) (2013, US, 12 min, Digital) Vincent Grenier (pictured)
Pták básn? I a II (2013, Czech Republic, 9 min, Digital) Jake Barningham
Marshy Place Across (2012, US, 5 min, Digital) Lorenzo Gattorna
Bat El Drinking Water and Other Signs (2013, US, 13 min, 16mm) Jonathan Schwartz
Videe (2013, US, 8 min, 16mm) Diane Kitchen
Looking-Glass Insects (2012, US, 4 min, 16mm) Charlotte Pryce
murmurations (2013, US, 6 min, 16mm) Rebecca Meyers
Home Movies Gaza (2013, France/Palestinian Territory, 24 min, Digital) Basma Alsharif
Aula Magna (2013, Argentina, 7 min, Digital) Andres Denegri
(88 min total)

Saturday, September 7 – 3:15pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago
The Way of All Flesh
The body as a locus of desire, fear, mortification, ecstasy, and longing.

A program primarily focused on recent experimental-narrative work from Portugal, including new shorts by João Pedro Rodrigues (O Fantasma, To Die Like a Man, The Last Time I Saw Macao) and Rodrigues’ frequent collaborator João Rui Gerra da Mata.


Os Grilos do Sul Gritam Aurora (2012, Brazil, 2 min, Digital) Lucas Sá
Carousel (2013, Portugal, 7 min, Digital) Jorge Quintela
To the Wolf of Madragoa (2013, Portugal, 7 min, Digital) Pedro Bastos
As the Flames Rose (2012, Portugal, 26 min, Digital) João Rui Guerra da Mata (pictured)
Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day (2012, Portugal, 25 min, Digital) João Pedro Rodrigues
Obscene (2012, Germany, 10 min, Digital) Giuseppe Boccassini
(77 min total)


Saturday, September 7 – 5:45pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago
Everything and nothing. Hard edges and soft blurs. Making decisions and asking questions. The heart above all.

The Heart Balloon (2013, US, 11 min, Digital) Lennon Batchelor
Darna: A Stone Is a Heart You Cannot Swallow (2012, The Philippines, 6 min, Digital) Jon Lazam (pictured)
Living in an Ant Hill (2013, US, 11 min, Digital) Manuel Barenboim
Lagos Island (2012, Nigeria/UK, 5 min, Digital) Karimah Ashadu
Kiss the Rain (2012, US, 6 min, Digital) Lewis Klahr
The Street of Everlasting Rain (2012, US, 8 min, Digital) Lewis Klahr
XOXO (2013, Argentina, 5 min, 16mm) Pablo Marin
To the Change Assigned (2013, US, 3 min, 16mm) JB Mabe
Twice Over (2012, UK, 12 min, Digital) Simon Payne
The Breadth of It All (2013, US, 6 min, Digital) Grant Speich
Shoot Don’t Shoot (2012, US, 5 min, Digital) William E. Jones
(78 min total)

Saturday, September 7 – 8pm // Ferguson Theater - Columbia College Chicago
System Overload
Drawing, cartooning, animating, abstracting, moving, flickering, glitching, rendering, computing, and destabilizing. Plus James Bond and End Credits.

Crux Film (2013, US, 5 min, Digital) Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré
Ventis (2013, Canada, 5 min, Digital) Myriam Bessette
Lixiviat (2013, Canada, 10 min, Digital) Robin Dupuis
Dumb Day (2012, US, 10 min, Digital) Kevin Eskew
X (2012, UK, 6 min, Digital) Max Hattler
Mictlan (2013, France, 6 min, Digital) Augustin Gimel
Places with Meaning (2012, Canada, 3 min, Digital) Scott Fitzpatrick
Prisoner’s Cinema (2012, US, 10 min, Digital) Joshua Gen Solondz (pictured)
Delete (2012, Germany, 10 min, Digital) Marcello Mercado
Golden Eye (2013, US, 6 min, Digital) LJ Frezza
runtime error (2013, Portugal, 4 min, Digital) Sandra Araujo
[deterritorialization] (2013, US, 2 min, Digital) Benjamin Balcom
End Credits (2013, Italy, 5 min, Digital) Angelo Ricciardi
(82 min total)

Sunday, September 8 - 2pm // Music Box Theatre
The Realist & Empire

The Realist (2013, US, 36 min, Digital) Scott Stark
The Realist is an experimental and highly abstracted melodrama, a "doomed love story" storyboarded with flickering still photographs, peopled with department store mannequins, and located in the visually heightened universe of clothing displays, fashion islands and storefront windows. […] The Realist is a soaring visual romp peppered with turgid melodramatic moments, flickering visual rhythms that border on abstraction, and seductive images of commercial products with their dubious promises of physical nourishment and fashionable allure. In the process, It examines our own relationship to consumerist culture: we see in these commercial displays idealized, pre-packaged renderings of our own needs, desires and identities. Perhaps on some level we, too, communicate and define ourselves in the same way that the mannequins do; we are what we buy.” (Scott Stark)


Empire (2012, US, 48 min, Digital) Phil Solomon (pictured)
“A re-make of Andy Warhol’s Empire from high atop the Manhattan Island of Grand Theft Auto IV (“Liberty City”), far from the madding crowd of thieves, cops, prostitutes and murderers down below. I hijacked a copter, leaped onto the rooftop of an adjacent building, spawned a scooter out of the thin air and then gingerly drove it to the very edge of the precipice in order to roughly approximate that familiar view from July 25-26, 1964. And then I put the controller aside and did exactly nothing for 24 hours (48 minutes in our world). A day of rest and bordered inaction. And lo and behold, the Overseers appear to have accounted for someone, somewhere doing exactly this, resisting the game’s narrative intention toward movement and action. Again and again, for 40 days and 40 nights, I was privy to a very different apperception of time and light, but one that was already embedded into the game’s code, if for no other existential purpose than to act as a gradually shifting rear screen projection for the street level mayhem. A thunderstorm threatens, then clears. High winds blow errant pieces of limned debris. Golden waters sparkle and dance as the west-turned sun sets in the rosy-fingered dusk. Night comes in. Mechanical fireflies and custodial lights dot the void. The moon (twice) comes out to play. The night canopy is gradually withdrawn, as the morning light of weekday commuting burnishes in from the east. As we approach full circle, the blue afternoon gradually reveals the Building in its final iconic silhouette state, as a single plane appears and flies across the horizon line, doomed to repeat its fated flight path in eternal recurrence.” (Phil Solomon)
(84 min total)


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Sunday, September 8 - 4pm // Music Box Theatre

Nightfall (2012, US, 97 min, Digital) James Benning

Experimental film legend James Benning has embraced digital technology over the last few years and has been creating a steady stream of minimal explorations of landscape, infrastructure, industry, and institutions. Nightfall is a delicate and subtle real-time look at the slow darkening of a forest as day turns to night.

Nightfall is a study of real-time; light changing from day to night. It was filmed in a forest, high up in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.” (James Benning)


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Sunday, September 8 – 7:30pm // Music Box Theatre
Closing Night Film
Special Sneak Preview Screening
Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater (2013, US/France/Portugal, 70 min, Digital) Gabe Klinger

We are extremely excited to present local film writer and critic (and now filmmaker) Gabe Klinger’s first film as our closing night selection, fresh off its World Premier at the Venice Film Festival (and prior to its official North American Premier at a major US festival that has not been announced yet). We are pleased to welcome Klinger for this special sneak preview screening. Double Play is a lively and fascinating portrait of two unlikely long-time friends, independent maverick Linklater and experimental film legend Benning, filtered through their mutual love of film and sports.


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Venues and Ticketing


Thursday, September 5: The Gene Siskel Film Center (164 N. State St.)
Tickets: $11.00 general admission; $7.00 students; $6.00 Film Center members; $4.00 for students and faculty of the School of the Art Institute, and staff of the Art Institute


Advance tickets are available for the Opening Night Program at the Gene Siskel Film Center through their box office or through their Ticketmaster.


Friday and Saturday, September 6 and 7: Ferguson Theater, Columbia College Chicago (600 S. Michigan Ave.)
Tickets: $8.00 (per screening)


No advance sales for the screenings at Columbia College Chicago.


Sunday, September 8: Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport Ave.)
Tickets: $8.00 advance/$10.00 at the door per show for the 2pm and 4pm shows; $10 advance/$12 at the door for the 7:30pm Closing Night program


Advance tickets for the Sunday shows at the Music Box Theatre are available online through Chicago Filmmakers’ ticketing links above.