Current Projects

There aren’t many documentaries about love stories. LEAPS OF FAITHS will be.  We’ll meet interfaith couples (Jewish and Christian) in love and facing a spectrum of challenges and choices. We’ll also meet parents, sons, daughters, grandparents and clergy. Together, they discover that love tests faith, and faith tests love. Together, they can break down walls of old misunderstandings to build bridges of new possibilities. As the number of multicultural families in the U.S.

Every eight months, on average, a new invasive species enters the Great Lakes.

Mister Kelly’s called a supernova in the local and national night life firmament,” illuminated Chicago’s iconic Rush Street, and all of America, by launching talent like Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Bette Midler, Dick Gregory, Steve Martin, and Richard Pryor.

How events in a tiny country in 1941 changed U.S. families, a country and our world today.

Breaking new ground, Rumbula's Echo is the first documentary about a large mass shooting of the Holocaust. Eyewitnesses tell how, in late 1941, 25,000 Jews were murdered in two days at Rumbula Forest -- the second largest such mass shooting of WWII. Set within the broader story of the Holocaust in Latvia, viewers see and hear how 98% of Latvian Jews trapped in the country were killed, and how 2% survived.

This intriguing documentary will explore the history and background of one of the most controversial works of modern children’s literature: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. In the 1980s and 1990s in elementary libraries across the United States these books developed a growing interest from boys and girls who were taken in by the gothic tales, the whimsical tone, and the ghostly illustrations.

Powerful, traditional medicine men and women still exist in the cultural landscape of the Americas.

Songs of an Unsung America is our name for bringing light to neglected pockets of regional music.


You will learn that our short documentaries and feature length version are not just about music, but about sense of place: how atmosphere, environment, history and even foodways inform art. 


The Area is a feature-length documentary film that explores the tensions between place, community and transportation infrastructure on the south side of Chicago. Residents are struggling to maintain friendships and traditions while a freight yard expands into their neighborhood.

"Art Paul did for publishing what Warhol did for fine art: he blurred the line between what hangs in galleries and what appears in magazines.”
----Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine


Through Air & Water is the story of Will Forman, a WWII fighter pilot who after the war designed the first American deep sea submersible for the Navy, Deep Jeep. Will spent the rest of his life working with subs, creating and innovating new designs for decades. At 90 years old, Will is revisiting a sub he designed 50 years ago to cross the Pacific without surfacing. At this point in his life, Will has stayed curious and active. While working on the model sub, Will is training to hike Angel’s Landing in Utah.